Sometimes you have to crow.


And sometimes good things are worth waiting for.

I am (more than a little) excited about the first release of BitDefender products in the TechSoup catalog.  Because they are great products? Sure.  Because it will offer internet security to tens of thousands of NGOs while providing needed income to TechSoup Romania through our social enterprise?  That too.  Because it represents closure on 2 years of effort and was the beginning of at least one great friendship?  Yes.


Most important, I believe (could be wrong, but I don’t think so) this is the first time a Romanian company has become a global philanthropist – a small turn in the tide from Romania as taker to Romania as giver.  And while it is ludicrous that some international agencies believe Romania should be a donor country (plenty of room to invest at home, no?) when and where it can, if there is something globally excellent like BitDefender to offer, Romania should be proud to do so.

I am proud we were able to make this happen.

A massive thanks to all those who have been a part of this.  We’ve done a good thing.


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