Hi, this is me. Feel free to disagree.

Hi, this is me. Feel free to disagree.

So… welcome.  With a little goading from a little friend… here’s another blog for the inter-ether.  I’m going to have fun with it and hope you enjoy what I hope to be a space to crystalize some of what bubbles on the back burners of my mind, kick around some ideas and thoughts-in-beta, meet new and interesting folks like yourself and learn.  Please comment, argue and feel free to share if I sounded smart about something you like.

And in case you are curious:

Who am I?  An American who has lived outside America longer than in, a giant leprechaun in viking’s clothing, diehard enthusiast about pretty much everything that sparks my curiosity, existential optimist… as you can see I am still trying to figure it out.  That and what I want to be if I ever grow up.  Long story short, I keep myself distracted but by day I work in civil society – creating and organizing spaces for people to build their own solutions to the problems they care about.  Since 2006 I have been exploring democratization and citizen engagement in Eastern Europe – first through starting Romania’s first community foundation then building up the ReStart challenge model for TechSoup.  I don’t have a degree in any of this (my degrees say I am a flute playing actor) but over the last decade I have fallen thoroughly in love with community organizing, empowerment games, inspired folks out to shake up their realities, and what happens when people look up and say ‘this isn’t good enough.’

Why blog? ‘Cause I am often so enthusiastic I just can’t shut up.  And out here, online – no one can stop me.

The title? Worman Believes.  Well.  Because I do.  Fundamentally in some basic truths about people.  Their rights and passions.  And leaving the world a bit better than we found it.  So, let’s get started…


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