When does this come so offensive to basic human intelligence that we begin dealing with facts rather than propaganda?

The perfect stocking-stuffer this Christmas, no?

And then there’s this… these are the school shootings since Sandy Hook:

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.19.23 AM








To the kind, intelligent folks out there who insist this isn’t about guns but rather about mental illness… quit being asinine.  Yes, America has disgraceful, enormous problems supporting those with mental illness.  And so do many others around the world.  These individuals get left out.  They sometimes take violent action.  In most countries they pick up knives.  In America they can pick up a gun. There is a difference.

Worse, they are rather encouraged to do so and that has to stop.  People like Palin putting names on a list to be dealt with? Are you serious? Again, the question – when does this become so offensive that we overrule the gun lobby?  Is it a body count issue?

I am inclined to agree with the rising tide of sentiment that we should call these acts what they are – – terrorism.  And deal with them as such.  On the bright side, perhaps we might then close Guantanamo out of the disgust we would hopefully feel at seeing our own disappearing into that particular hole…



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  1. Calling it ‘terrorism’ is right on and ‘encouraged to do so’ as well, given huge gun lobby spending… I had an unfortunate insight into the issue when my wife Pam gave a talk about her art to members of a Methodist congregation near Stanford (composed of educated people!) recently. Her work touches on the evils of global war, but gun violence came up in the discussion and (I couldn’t believe it) one retired professor starting defending the NRA. Why? Because she was raised in rural America where ‘hunting’ is a cherished family tradition. No matter that hunters don’t use automatic weapons… so go figure. You’re lucky to live in the civilized world Chris!

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