$15 million doesn’t even get you the coffee table…

A group of journalists has been working together in an unusually open collective to create  www.yanukovychleaks.org since roughly 17,000 documents were pulled from the bottom of a private lake on Yanukovych’s palatial Mezhyhirya estate.  One of the team’s leaders, Dymitro Gnap shared the following during the Open Data Hackathon.

For those interested in getting involved:

Considering the plethora of potential stories, I was curious what in particular Dymitro might pursue.  One of which is the story of the $15 million furniture market research contract between two apparently Yanukovych-related firms…

YanukovychLeaks is a fascinating example of an intentionally Open project bent on social justice.  Follow, explore, learn more, research or contribute at www.yanukovychleaks.org – that’s what it’s there for.

See Dymitro’s pre-annexation take on Crimea here.


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