Gone Global

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There is a thought attributed to Sun Tzu, potentially incorrectly (and even if correctly, surely more eloquently than my interpretation below) that goes a little something like…

‘before you take over the world, master yourself. Then your family, then your community, then your state, then and only then, if you have truly managed each, consider taking on the world.’

Skipped a few steps today.

Happy to announce the launch of www.TechSoup.Global. Today, we can begin serving NGOs anywhere in the world. Initially with Microsoft products and soon to follow with BitDefender, we will begin rolling out new products, services and educational materials we cook up with civil society around the world.

This is a unique happening – the first fully global philanthropy program. I’m proud to have been part of this story and excited to get to tell it. And thank you for being a part of it. In your own way. As a friend, supporter or colleague. None of this could have happened without folks like you being good civil society people, friends and family.

So, we’ve reached 1m users around the world but there are about 9m organizations on the planet (give or take a million) yet to go. It is our vision to reach them all and help them get more out of technology and philanthropy. As someone who knows TechSoup directly or, by association, through me – do me a favor – share the news?

On average organizations we serve save $17,000. $17,000 they can put into their programs. You can save your friends $17,000.  That’s a lot of money they can put to good use in their daily work and they do! Multiplied times all the people you know and you could save the world a lot of money today. We will throw in free training, support etc… and work on adding all sorts of new tools soon.

Be a hero share www.techsoup.global and check out our new story page at http://www.meet.techsoup.org. Please.

Thanks friends!


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